Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How soon can you come out to my location?
  2. How soon will I see results?
  3. What do I need to do before you come to my location?
  4. Do you guarantee service?
  5. How can I help?

1. How soon can you come out to my location?

We can usually schedule service within 48 hours, depending on the time of your call to our business office, and your location. We work Monday – Saturday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. We service El Paso, Texas,  Las Cruces, New Mexico and surrounding areas.

2.How soon will I see results?

Our treatments are regulated by various state and federal agencies and must meet strict guidelines. Professional pest control solutions are formulated for long term effectiveness. While some products can give results within hours, most professional products are formulated for residual effects, meaning the treatment keeps on killing pests long after its been applied.

After treatment, the adult pest population will start to decline, but its important to remember that many insect populations can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. By the time most of the adult population pest has declined, many new generations have grown. That’s why we strongly recommend a service plan to keep pest populations in check.

A one-time service is not a smart pest control decision for common household insects.

3. What do I need to do before you come to my location?

We recommend that you provide easy access to any areas you need serviced. Please pick up around the perimeter of your house so that the technicians can apply treatments to the outside perimeter and inside perimeter when needed. Also, depending on the situation, technicians may need access to cracks and crevices, cabinets, and closets where pest activity has been reported.

4. Do you guarantee service?

We guarantee all services performed for customers under a service agreement. If pests return between scheduled treatments, we’ll retreat the affected areas free of charge.

5. How can I help?

We like to think of pest control as a partnership. A partnership between the pest control provider and customer. When we work together, pests don’t stand a chance. You can minimize pest threats by doing the following:

  • Eliminate sources of water and food for insects and rodents.
  • Eliminate clutter and other shelter areas for pests.
  • Seal up any entry gaps and holes in your home.
  • Monitor the location and frequency of pests in and around your home so you can inform your pest control provider during their next visit.